Player Characters


Fleabus Gundarock   

14/15 Fighter/Cleric (of Thor)    Portrait    Background/History

Dwarven male of honorable, if violent intentions. He venerates his deity impeccably, if but a might towards the chaotic side. He has been journeying with Yasraena and Malaci for only a little while, but has become fast friends with them, as they with he. He recently gambled with a Deck of Many Things and got his Str raised to 25, and is able to cast twice as many spells as normal per day. He has become a full resident of Silverymoon, purchasing a house and taking the cities oaths of allegiance. He has recently found, then lost his brother on his recent trip to Sigil. Revenge is currently on his mind.

Rensoverthierlos (Renzo)

17th level Myrmidon (Fighter)        Portrait        Background

This mysterious elf has only recently made himself known to the party. He hails from Evermeet as the captain of Queen Amlaruil's personal guard. He has been following us ever since we left the fabled island and "protecting" us from evils we do not see, per the Queen's orders. He is extremely skilled with his bow and has been a valiant companion on the journey and mission through Anauroch and beyond. He has recently discovered his own 'Mark of Orcus' on his body, presumably for helping us, and so now is truly one of us.

Malaci Thornbird   

17/5 Thief/Mage    Portrait   Background/History

Half Elf male of 'questionable' background and practices, but always seems to come through for his friends in a pinch. Wears his face in pseudo-mime make-up 'ala 'The Crow". Has been known to lasso Beholders. His magical powers have just come to him recently as being a gift from Mystra herself for his help in saving Silverymoon from an invading drow army. Has recently begun an ongoing campaign to kill Tiberius, Thieves Guildmaster of Silverymoon in a bid to take over the Guild, which is not going very well for him after the attempt on his life. 

Yasraena T'Sarran   

18/16 Fighter/Mage (Senior Harper)     Portrait    Background/History    Yasraena's Tower

Female Drow elf originally from the world of Greyhawk, now residing in Silverymoon, 'in service' to Alustriel, the queen of the fabled city. She is especially proud of the fact that she is one of only a handful of Drow elves who have been accepted into the secret organization known as "The Harpers", and has now become one of the only 3 high ranking Drow in the organization, only behind Drizzt and Qilue. Alustriel herself sponsored her membership after the first Hellgate Keep adventure, where, ironically, she also got her animal companion, Shalar, an elven cat.  She venerates the goddess Eilistraee, and tries to live her life to her personal interpretation of her tenets. Malaci, Fleabus and now Daerrian and Renso are her closest friends here. She would die for each if need be. She has just bought the old archmages' tower on the outskirts of the city and hopes to make a home for herself there. She is on the verge of becoming a master of her chosen weapon, the long sword if she can find a teacher suited to the task.




Daerrian Celevorn

12th level Mage/Harper     Portrait    Background

High elven male of unknown background. According to Alustriel, he has been with the Harpers for several years and was assigned by her the task of assisting Yasraena and the group with the investigation of the Cult of the Dragon. He is now a true member of the party, if reluctantly so, as he has the symbol of the powers on his arm now as well. A competent mage in his own right, he has helped the party on several occasions now, most notably by casting the illusion of Aloe in the Dracolich lair, indirectly saving Yasraena's life. His recent trip with the rest of the party to the other planar city of Sigil really opened his eyes to the scope of the cosmos.



The Fallen

Wilfbrim - 12/15 Mage/Cleric of Azuth 

Wished back by we're not sure, he rejoined the party for the adventure against Set. Along with almost one hundred other people, was taken over and eventually sacrificed by the evil greater god during his ritual of summoning. Nalfost's head is in a sack in his possession.

Jasper - 12/12 half elf fighter/thief

Colleague of Malaci, disciple of the Silverymoon Thieves Guild. Joined party for the Cult of the Dragon quest and was killed in the blast from breaking the giant jewel.

Nalfost - 13/12 Cleric/Mage of Set human Male

Former group member. Left after Sword of Ages was returned, then betrayed us by having Wilfbrim asssasinated. Killed by the group at Ankhutamen while summoning the god Set to the Realms. Wilfbrim had his head in a sack to prevent resurrections. 

Qwest - 12th lvl Human male barbarian

Killed by the black knight at Hellgate Keep.

May they rest in peace.

(Except Nalfost - may he burn in hell)