Player Character Page

Lazerrus Laslonin - male High Elf 

15th Level Arch-Mage (Mage/Seer/Cleric of Correlon Larethian)        Portrait        Background

Lazerrus was born into nobility, but tragic events in his early life led to the death of his parents and him to live with an uncle and to learn the ways of the archmage. He vowed to avenge his parents deaths at the hands of Baron von Strahd. He has completed his vow and in the process has put himself and his present companions on the adventure of a lifetime. He literally holds the keys to getting them back to their own reality in the Arcane spell books he has acquired. He only need to gain the levels to control dictate the destination. He is the longest surviving and only original member of the party.


Airies Lander - male Human

17th level Warrior Mage        Portrait        Background

Airies has been with the party for sometime now and has proven a true ally and friend. He is a formidable warrior, which his magic makes even more so. He has a tendency to overestimate his abilities at times, but not too often. He has developed a true friendship with Lazerrus and is the victim of his practical jokes from time to time.


Jarrvid Glendove - male Half-Orc

15th level Fighter         Portrait        Background   

Jarrvid has been with the party since their return after the failed Taxes run. He has shown himself to be a true ally and friend and a more than adequate fighter.

Rugo Shom - male Halfling (from Athas)

14th Level Psion Thief        Portrait        Background

Rugo has been with the party only since the last adventure when he volunteered to go with the party to Guistenal, and later to accompany them on their journey across the planes. He has been a good friend and trustworthy ally, there on Athas and here as well. Naught is known of his history other than he grew up poor and was adopted by Jebediah Shom of House Shom.