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Here are some pics of this groups last few games. In a chronological order - they each show what a group of hardened adventurers who hardly know one another can do if they are thrust upon to save the world.

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Yasraena and friend prepare to do battle with Onyx the Dracolich

Hellgate Keep II - The Return

Pt I - The Keep (Again)

Pt II - The Battle Of Everwood

Pt III - The Abyss

Hellgate Keep III - The Aftermath

The Cave

Lair Mou'TiNajere

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Hellgate Keep IV - The Crossing

Pt II  - The Forest Battle

Pt III - The Lair Of the Dracolich

Hellgate Keep V - The Redemption


Rammath-Mor Pt II


Ankentahmun Pt II

Hellgate Keep VI - The Revelation

The City of Sigil

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The Temple of Tiamat

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