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Page last updated on 10/26/2014

Originally created in February 2003





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This is my first attempt at creating a web page. It hasn't changed much in design since it was first posted back in '03. It holds various parts of my life, some more important and ongoing than others, but all will be there because they are what makes me who I am.

These pages will also be in a constant state of construction/upgrade, as new ideas may come and get implemented and updates will be taking place.

Or not - as the mood strikes me as I'm finding that web page creation comes when inspiration hits me, which seems to be few and far between theses days.




Ahhh.... Here's where things have changed since I last typed anything on this page. I will go in order of the topics at left.


My 'About Me' page has changed once again. Life changes that have actually stabilized and gotten consistent (for a change)..


The Knights of Silver and Rolemaster pages are active once again, as the group has regrouped as they say to form yet another iteration. Welcome to Matt Carp and welcome back Jonathan!

Also thank you to Matt Samuelson for coming into Rolemaster and allowing the game to continue, or at least until everyone dies.   

Updates for each page will be coming shortly so watch for them!


My Gates McFadden page has hit a bit of stagnation as my interest in finding new pics has been dwindling for a while now. I may post a few new ones here and there, but it's pretty static now.


My music page hasn't changed as my musical situation hasn't changed much, so nothing new there.


The links page has been updated yet again to include a few new ones and delete a few non working ones.


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BTW - The song playing is call "The Great Gig In The Sky" by Pink Floyd and is being used at their most generous permission.