Grand Campaign News


Campaign is back on!!!

Duane - Looks like Lazerrus lives after all! Thank you to Matt Carp, Jonathan Lichtman and Matt Samuelson for joining the game!

It was mice to hear everyone is on board for the rest of this particular game at least. We'll see how far we get from where the party left off. They were in fairly dire straights after having kicked some serious butt.

Game date can be any time from two weeks from whenyou guys let me know when you'll be available to play as that is how long I will need to re-read the adventure and get re-acquainted with the story, the characters/monsters therein and their respective powers. It will be a full weekend as usual. Fri/Sat/Sun.

Two weeks is all I need.

The ball is in your hands now...


Some not so good news concerning the campaign and group in general.  Shannon has had to tighten the belt and stop gaming for the forseeable future. (Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do). This however puts a very large roadblock in front of not only the Rolemaster games, but HGK as well.  When either of these two games will be played again is a complete guess at this time, but I'm guessing it'll be at least 2011 before we play either one of the our two biggies again, IF we play them again.

Anyway, since this page is now dedicated to a game that is in limbo, the page will now be as well; as nothing going on in the game means nothing going on here.

Here's hoping the page will have an update again...


Have updated the House Rules page and download to reflect some changes/adds/etc. Here's a small list of adds/changes...

The weapon speed table has been updated to include a few new weapons.

Minimum times to learn lists/indv spells has been updated.

Magic addendum has been updated for stopping casting and resuming casting an inst spell.

 Multiple Attacks have been revised a bit.

I'd suggest you all download the new updated rules and re-familiarize yourselves with them

Any questions regarding said House Rules should be brought to my attention BEFORE the game!



Game dates have changed and been put up a week so Aaron can go to Wondercon.

The new dates are now Feb 20th, 21st and 22nd.

The counter has been updated to reflect these new dates.


Added some new mp3's to the soundtrack page for the latest game. So far up to number 13 I believe.

That and added the proposed date for the next game on the main page. Feb 27, 28 and March 1st. Just under 169 days as I write this, which is roughly 5 months from now. 


After the last game there were a few rules things that were brought to my attention. Fate Points, item activation, etc. After some thinking and research, I found what I was looking for to resolve these issues. I also found other stuff that would address and finally resolve other issues that have come up in the past like multiple attacks, Haste effects, etc, and put something in black and white regarding them. I can't believe I didn't have anything up for the Fate Points at least. sorry about that guys. Any questions about these rulings, you know where I'm at.  


Added a few things to the House Rules.

The Short Bow and Buckler Shield are now added.  Learning a single spell will only cost you 2x the time instead of 3x; and for those lists with level gaps in them, they will no longer count toward time needed to learn the list. 


Finally got some more stuff up that has been needing to be put up.  Airies now has a character pic and everyone (except Rugo) now has a background.


I'm sure you've all noticed by now that the Rolemaster Files page is looking a little bare. That is because ICE basically said "Take all of our ICE stuff down or else." So, me being the little guy with no money said "Sure, you money grubbing pricks."  and did so. So if any of my immediate group need any of the supplements that were here, let me know and I'll get them to you. 

On a more positive note, I have finally got up the soundtrack page with all music up to an including the latest one. A whole bunch of music for you so enjoy!


Finally got the player character page up with everyone's character sheet and portrait (except Airies. Can't find him) Will get the backgrounds up next. Then the soundtracks and covers.


Updated the site today with a few things.

First, added to the house rules page and accompanying download sheet a change in the way Sanity is handled in the game. It is a fairly large change because I plan on using it more often in the game.

Second, I updated the Greyhawk page with a few things. Check it out to see what.

Third, added a counter to the main page.