The Rolemaster Grand Campaign

The Soundtracks

All of this music is copyrighted by their respective artists. It is being made available here solely for entertainment purposes and NOT for profit or monetary gain.

I found most of the following tracks from various sources ranging from various video RPGs to different groups and individuals throughout the internet. There are far too many to list and I've forgotten where most came from anyway, so if you happen to hear your music here, THANK YOU for some great experiences!

Dark Sun: Arcane Shadows

My first real foray into creating a soundtrack with narration for the game. I thought it turned out rather well. The music is kind of long-winded, but I really like the main theme I picked out by Rick Wakeman which is the beginning to The Journey to the Center Of the Earth. It just sounds very anthem-ey for lack of a better word. You can decide for yourselves.

1. Grand Theme

2. The Dark Sun

3. Thri-Kreen Attack

4. The Veiled Alliance

5. Sneak Attack

6. Arcane Shadows

7. The Black Sand Raiders

8. The Hidden Valley

9. The Great One

10. End Theme

Dark Sun: The City By The Silt Sea

This second attempt at a soundtrack was better in my opinion. There were a couple of very memorable songs for this one, with Jessareen and The Betrayal being my favorites. This game took almost 3 full game sessions (7 of 9 days) to finish. Thee are also a couple of tracks here that the party never got to hear because they never visited those places.


1. Grand Theme

2. Jessareen

3. The Betrayal

4. The Return of the Black Sand Raiders

5. Cromlin

6. The Blasted Spire

7. Guistenal - The City By the Silt Sea

*8. The Sunken City

9. The Groaning Sity

*10. The City Of Fire

11. The City Of The Dragon King

12. The Dread Palace Of Dregoth

13. Dregoth's Wrath

14. Escape From Below

15. Menka's Gate

Greyhawk: Into the Darkness

Ok, the latest game.

We are now 'in the thick of it' as they say. I'm finding I'm having to find some more music for when the party actually gets to where they're going. This will probably be a two disc-er.


1. Grand Theme

2. The Town Of Specculese

3. Lazerrus' Dream

4. Drow Raid!

5. The Morning After

6. Mysteries Revealed

7. Into The Darkness

8. Szith Morcane

9. Subterranian Theme

10. Naga's Lair

11. The Lake of Shadows/Giant's Lair

12. The Wailing Cliff

13. Facing Dorina



Lazerrus Dream in Power Point

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