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You Don't Love Me

The Boulevard


This band was the result of leaving (or rather being kicked out of) Thunder Rose. I was looking for another band to play in and this one just happened along. I had put an ad in the local music store in Tahoe and got this response from the guitarist. His name was Jeff Shad and he wanted me to come over and checkout this project he was in who happened to be looking for a drummer. So I went over and jammed with these guys. It was a five piece including me on drums, Jeff on guitar, Carlos (dudeski!) on bass, Zach on keys, his brother (whose name I can't remember) on guitar and lead vocals. They played some traditional rhythm and blues with a little rock and jazz thrown in. Zach was a pretty decent keyboardist who actually knew some jazz and latin stuff too. The audition was actually kind of fun as we did a bunch of different stuff I guess to test my chops out. It was fun regardless. So I ended up playing with these guys for a while. Had some great work-out sessions with these guys in that we tried just about every style of music we could to get a unique sound, but we never really found it. Sure was fun though working it out! We also had ambitions of doing some casino gigs eventually, but it didn't work out. Mainly because of Zach trying to be a controlling ass to the rest of us, which as you can imagine knowing me, went over like Tabouli salad for dinner. Too bad too. We had some potential I think. 

It was fun while it lasted and it produced the songs to the left in a demo we did right before we disbanded. It sounds a little disco-y in places, but still has its merits. I get 1 chorus drum solo on Magick towards the middle.

It also brought Jeff and I together with JD to follow up and go on with that project. But, more significantly, it also brought my eventual best friend Duane and I together. He was taking bass lessons from Jeff at the time and happened to come by one night to check out rehearsal. Well, during break I started talking about my role playing group and how we were playing this game called "Call Of Cthulhu", and he went "You role play? And you play a game based on Cthulhu?!?!?" And the rest, as they say, is history.

Zach, Carlos - if you guys are out the let me know what's up!