A Year Ago Today

Free Man

Friendship Is Forever

Real Love Only Comes Once

Thomas R.

We've Got The Love

Why Am I Always Too Late?

You'll Find Yesterday



          Well, first off, this band wasn't really a band. It was my friend Mitch's musical project after cultivating it for almost 3 years. His parents had money so he was able to do it. He wrote a lot of, for lack of a better term, "Air Supply"-ish stuff, but actually better than they did. There were some kind of rockin' moments in there too. Anyway, remember this was when we were all 17-19 years old and seniors in high school with one college freshman. We had only four people in the 'band'. Mitch-all vocals guitars and keys, myself - bass, Kim - Vocals and our drummer, John. We did this in a little 8-track studio using reel to reel with no digital stuff at all. all analog equipment, even the effects.

Of the tunes to the left, Free Man and Why Am I Always Too Late were my faves. Free Man just because it's dark and the other because I could oh so relate to it at the time. (It sucks to be a teenager!)

As I've said, pretty syrupy, sappy stuff, but not bad for a bunch of 17-18 yr olds back in '82-'83. And maaaaan, did the chicks eat it UP! 

But judge for yourself.