Halloween 2006


It all started when my best friend Duane and another good friend Aaron, both asked what I was planning on doing for Halloween that year. I didn't want to say because  I had a cool Jedi costume that I had been putting together for over 6 months, a piece at a time, lightsber and all.

Well, have you ever heard of band called Lordi? they asked. No I replied.

Well check this out, they said and played several videos of the band.

Whoa. GWAR meets KISS. Music isn't bad, at least not as bad as I thought it would be (never had been into these types of bands-GWAR and the like). I basically bit my lip and said, Really? Exactly what do you want to do?

A full on tribute. Costumes obviously, but learn the songs and actually play a small set!

Get the fuck out! You guys are serious? Actually PLAY?! Duane is doing the costumes? We have 6 months to get ready.

Ok, what the hell. I'm in.

The rest is history but judge for yourself.

Actually practiced once a week for the better part of 4 months to play 4 songs. All the costumes were made by Duane with about 75% store bought and modified/customized to 25% hand made with store bought materials.

The final band was Duane(Kalma)-Bass, Aaron(Lordi)-Vocals, Chris(Ahmen)-Guitar, myself(Kita)-Drums,vocals and Duane's daughter Lauren as the female of the band doing background vocals.

The tunes we did were Blood Red Sandman, Kalmageddon and Devil Is A Loser. We encored with Judas Priest Breakin' the Law.

To see some actual video of this spectacle go to the imbedded video below the pics.

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Enjoy the pics.

The inevitable before and after pics - Chris, Lauren, Aaron, Mark, Duane...

...transformed into Ahmen, Enary, Lordi, Kita and Kalma

The band



My favorite shot of the night!


  Lordi Tribute - Blood Red Sandman


 Lordi Tribute - Kalmageddon


 Lordi Tribute - Devil Is A Looser

 Lordi Tribute - Breaking The Law