The Jeff Shad Unit



Blues For Larry

Business Lady

Can't Buy My Love

Music Train

On Our Way

See Thru Love



This band got together from a previous band called Sound Investment, of which Jeff was the lead guitarist and I was the drummer. After the personality conflicts with Zach, the keyboardist and kind of leader, Jeff and I decided to try a blues trio, ala SRV. We found a local bassist by the name of JD Arthur, (still don't know what JD stands for) and we were set.

I believe we got together around fall of '95 and just played as much as we could. Luckily, a lot of the music from Sound Investment was Jeff's, so we just rearanged them for a trio. We were definitely a bar band, but a pretty good one. We did some covers as well as the originals, like Hendrix 3rd Stone From the Sun, and The Stones Sympathy for the Devil. We had a few really cool tunes, one of which became a tune after Jeff heard one of my 'Gaddabaldi' grooves and came up with a melody. It turned into "Blues for Larry", and ode to Larry Carlton, but the words make absolutely no sense.

I guess the pinnacle of the band was doing the demo tape that I have here for download. We recorded the basic tracks in one day, and the leads and vocals in one more. Production was about a week to ten days. We recorded it in this little garage studio in Lake Tahoe, up Kingsbury Grade, that actually worked fairly well. We got a couple of really good tracks out of it, but judge for yourself.

Jeff, if you're out there, contact me bud! I'd like to know what you've been up to!