Hellgate Keep Campaign

The Soundtracks

All of this music is copyrighted by their respective artists. It is being made available here solely for entertainment purposes and NOT for profit or monetary gain. Where Duane found most of these tracks was from a CD called Sojourn. It is out of print now and the person's website is no longer active (http://www.sojourncd.com). the rest is from various web resources and file sharing programs. Please treat them accordingly!

Hellgate Keep II - The Return

The first soundtrack of the series and in my opinion the best overall for fantasy music integrated into a story. In the game, when Yasraena awoke after the dream and went to the balcony and saw what she saw, Yasraena Awakens was playing. I'll never forget the images that music put in my head as Duane read the intro to the story. Just something I'm always going to remember.


1. Intro

2. Yasraena Awakens

3. Maztican Minstrels

4. The Bumpus

5. The Dead King

6. The Battle Of Everwood

7. Into the Demon's Lair

8. The Sword Returns


Hellgate Keep III - The Aftermath

A good follow up to the first foray into the keep. Some very cool music here especially Alustriel's Lament, the song that's playing as we get our blessing from Mystra directly through Alustriel after we've saved Silverymoon. Into Lair Mou Ti'Najere is also a good one. It evokes a real sense of strangeness and foreboding all at the same time.


1. Recap

2. Silverymoon In Despair

3. Alustriel's Chambers

4. Word Of Alustriel's Fate

5. Into Lair MouTi'Najere

6. The Arrival Of The Drow Army

7. The Arrival Of The Knights Of Silver

8. Alustriel's Lament

9. Outro-Theme Of Silverymoon


Hellgate Keep IV - The Crossing

I swear, Duane gets better at this each time he does this. The story of how the party gets involved with the Cult of the Dragon and prevents its ancient leader, Sammaster, from being ressurected. Some standouts here include 'Inn Medley' and 'Aloranth's Song', the latter really evoking a strong visual of a lone priestess singing to her goddess.

1. Silverymoon Theme

2. Inn Medley

3. ALoranth's Song

4. Rainy Encampment

5. Forest Battle

6. Dragon Battle

7. The Death Of ALoranth

8. The Lair Of The Cult of The Dragon

9. The Raising Of Sammaster

10. Onyx the Dracolich

11. The Party Comes Home


Hellgate Keep V - The Redemption

What can I say? One of the best the Gm has done. Every one evokes the scene in which it was played. "Aloe Bathes" will always be a favorite and "A Secret Revealed" has a special meaning for me.  

1. Silverymoon/Main Theme

2. Death Of A Brother

3. Aloe Bathes

4. Rammoth-Mor

5. A Secret Revealed

6. Behold Ankentahmun

7. Death March For Sacrifice

8. The Dead Arise

9. The Arrival Of Set

10. Travel To Sigil


Hellgate Keep VI - The Revelation

Duane just keeps finding the coolest music to compliment the scenes in his games. This one is no exception. My personal faves being The Market Ward and The Mystic Unicorn themes, although I'm sure Fleabus' is The Gate-Message form Thor.

 1. Silverymoon/Main Theme

2. Sigil - The Market Ward

3. The Mystic Unicorn

4. Dreaming

5. A Scrying Spell Is Cast

6. Ambush Of The Undead

7. The Gate - Message from Thor

8. Arrival At The Temple Of Tiamat

9. Tiamat Comes Forth

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