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June 1, 2009

So some news has come down the pike that one of our players has to bow out for an indeterminate time due to the financial situation that we all face. He's just being hit a little harder by it. Believe me, if not for this new job, I'd be right there with him.

However, this new situation has now put an indefinite hold on not only this game, but Rolemaster as well.

Hopefully Duane's prediction of a Dec game will come true. I'm not holding my breath, though.  

The site will be in limbo for the duration as well. Nothing happening with the game means nothing to post here.

October 25th, 2008

OK! XP has been tallied and Yasraena is now 18/16 and Daerrian is now 12th lvl. Matt has been kind enough to give me updated Renzo (17th level!) so now he is up as well.

Matt - you didn't include the free slots in Demon/Devil and Dragon Lore that Duane gave us for Renzo, so he now has them. Albeit rather low, but he has them. 

October 1, 2008

The next chapter in Hellgate Keep IV is now up. Chapter Two: The Plot Thickens, uncovers a plot to kill our heroes that involves their old friend Nalfost, and another that not only involves The Cult Of The Dragon, but will require them to trust a complete stranger!

Also, the DM has given experience from the last game. Look for updated version of Yasraena (17/16), Daerrian (12th) and Renzo (17th) soon.

September 18th 2008

So the latest game has come and gone. It was a doozy I will say. We visited the city of Sigil and saw it's wonders and horrors, fought a heated battle against a horde of undead in the dungeon of a place we went for help, then fought a massive battle with as many high level creatures as I can ever remember seeing on the same table at one time. There were old dragons, drow, fire giants, storm giants, demons, devils, evil high priests, evil high-mages, free thinking undead, constructs, elementals, chain golems, and on it goes. The party finally found out what, or more specifically who, was behind all the trouble we've been facing since we all got into this group.

Basically, Tiamat and Lolth got fed up with all the Blood War crap and teamed up together to gain power and get the fudge out. They also convinced Set and Orcus to join them in a bid to build a new pantheon of evil. All they need do is conquer a world each. So far, Set has the world of Athas with the help of Orcus; on Greyhawk, major cities are burning under the drow onslaught and Lolth is about to make her appearance and claim it as her new home. She also plans on migrating the entire population of Toril Drow to Greyhawk to further the cause. On Krynn, Tiamat is slowly bringing her plans together and on Toril, our home world, Orcus is not going to give up easily. We do have a book that can get us to any of the other worlds or to two separate layers of hell. Provided we have an arch to cast it into (I think).  There is also an unfinished incantation to get us to somewhere in the Abyss.

What we can do to reverse this or even prevent our own world from going under is beyond me right now. Greyhawk was a strong world, with strong people. If they fell, what is to be of Toril in the end?

Eilistraee help us!!


The page has been updataed in two areas: The Game Pics page now has up the Sigil pics I took and the soundtrack page also has the new game tracks.

Look for the Temple Battle pics to be up soon.     

September 6, 2008

Here's a little note from our illustrious DM. Read it and rejoice, for you have SCORED!!!

Well guys we have less than 6 days to go till the game.  I want to thank you all for getting me your characters on time like you were asked.  For doing so you will be rewarded.  This time only for this is really just a player to DM responsibility.  However, to show I am not as chaotic evil as the nemesis I run against you I have decided to give you a little something to show my gratitude to you, my players.  Those of you that are into the game enough to check the website six days before the game have found this little treasure. Click on the link below to see what the treasure is, then print out the document and turn in to me at the beginning of the game for REDEMPTION (lol no pun intended).  Only one per PC and NPCs are not eligible.  Please cut out the item and write your pc's name on back before turning in.

Also, for those that find this, do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell the other players about this!! It is here for those that take the time to check the site for updates! Those that don't should not benefit from it!

The DM


August 1st, 2008

OK, here we go yet again.

The first chapter of HGK IV: The Crossing is now up on the site. There are some liberties with the conversations taking place, as I don't remember the actual words that were spoken, and I've tried to remain true to the characters as well.

Let the comments commence! 

July 27, 2008

Character Page update!

Renzo is finally up with everything, including background and picture. Matt says a better pic is forthcoming, but better something than nothing for now.

Take a gander at the newest member of our party! 

June 25, 2008

OK! We finally got dates from Duane for the next game.

Hellgate Keep Part VI: The Revelation will be taking place on the second weekend in September, the 12th, 13th and 14th; Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Oh man, what are we in for? Well, I don't know if that little note at the end of the email from our illustrious DM  means anything pertaining to this game, but it's something to ponder on while staring at our respective character's marks.

You who have scrapped with my doings far to many times are nearer to your doom.  You shall soon find your destiny as soldiers amongst my armies of the undead.  Your heads, my trophies, which shall be added to my throne.  Your souls in the grip of my claws forever being crushed into immortal submission.  I may not see you this time around but know this.  I am ever watching you.  I sense you are close to me again.  Closer than you were as of late.  Must be the doings of SET.  He has told me of your interference and that he sent you far away from Toril.  It shall soon be mine you know.  You can not stop it.  I had hopes that SET would have had better success after my gift to him.  However his displacement of your troublesome little group is just as well.  Now let me see where did he............ahhhhh what have we here?  What's this?  Sigil?...............hmmmmmmmm I see.  Now if I can just get around that bitch PAIN.  ENOUGH! (reaches down and grabs a zombie maiden who was stroking his left hoof and squishes her in his claw)  Hide fools if you think you can. Run and hide you pathetic little mortal cowards.  My mark swells within your very souls   

This many days until we face


May Eilistraee watch over us!

January 7th, 2008

I've FINALLY got some stuff up on the site that has been LONG overdue. Hope you enjoy 'em as much as I did the first time.

Go to the Something Completely Different link on the home page. 

April 10th 2007

Must report a little thing that Duane did after Shannon's Eye of the Beholder II game this last month. Nothing but a little narrative on what we find out after the end of the game. It turns out that that pentagram mark/scar/tattoo from Orcus we've all had on us? Well, take a gander of what its grown into......


Uh huh. Yeah. That's right. Orcus and Lolth and Tiamat and Set. Everyone whose plans or organizations we've managed to thwart over the time we've been in the north. All I have to say is we must be doing something right for all of these particular gods to put their collective mark on us. Having three chaotic evil deities working with a lawful evil one... There's got to be something behind it all. I can't believe however that WE are the only reason for it.

Something tells me that we are in for a big'un this next game.

July 7th, 2006

Updated the web page with some pics and mp3's from the last game, HGKV - The Redemption. There are 4 pages of pics and links on the soundtrack page for the mp3s. The pics are fairly large, so loading times may be long to those still on dial up (Shannon).


Also, the Character page now has the updated Yasraena (16/16!! 8th lvl  spells!! WooHoo!!) and Daerrian (11th lvl!! WooHoo!!)

Any who want their respective PC's up in lights, or at least up on the page, get 'em into me. Backgrounds also required!!!  

July 5th, 2006

Whew! All I can say is what a game!

Malaci has started a war with the Silverymoon Thieves Guild, or more specifically the Guildmaster, Tiberius. Yasraena has her own tower on the outskirts of the city and, oh, may be PREGNANT with an enemies child she thought long dead. We brought another into our group, Renzo, the captain of the Queen's personal guard from Evermeet. We found Nalfost attempting to summon Set, one of the evil Mulhorandi gods to the Realms in an ancient and evil ritual. We can't stop him and Set comes. We banish Set back to his plane by resurrecting his sacrifice after actually standing toe to toe with him in which Fleabus actually parried one of his melee attacks on all of us. Remember that scene in Fellowship Of the Ring where Sauron is just bashing several people away at once? That was us and Set. As we teleport back to Silverymoon to get the sacrifice resurrected, Renzo was trying to keep him busy by shooting him with his bow. Damned if he didn't actually HURT Set. Nailed him twice! Had he not, the city of Silverymoon would probably lack a palace now as he was attempting to follow us when he got nailed by Renzo. Got his attention long enough for the cleric in the city to do his magic on the sacrifice. Only problem was, we had to go back for not only Renzo, but Malaci's friend and our newly resurrected Wilfbrim. As we teleport back we are set to with incredible pain, enough to where we can't see. Then we find ourselves floating as if through a tunnel. We end up in a closet. This closet just happens to be in  place called Sigil , the city of doors.

End of Game.

Damnit! Another whole YEAR before we find out what in the nine hells happened to us.


June 14th, 2006

Ok, nothing big, but a couple of things with just over a week to go.

First, a revised treasure list with GP value for about 95% of the items. A few I could not find in the EMs at all, so our GM will have to elaborate on them. Also I read a little into the Identify spell, and found that to really get the best from the spell, the higher level mage is needed to cast the spell. Basically, the level is percentage x10 to find something out, and also the number of things about the item. If an item has say 5 different things, you would need at least a 5th level mage to find out all of them. Some would need a higher level mage because of the item itself as sell, I would think. So anyway, after doing this I figured at the base rate of 100gp /level of the mage per day (we'd want to to find at least 10th level mages I think) that's 1000gp per mage a day. If we can find 10 mages willing to put themselves through casting this spell for 13 days straight, we'll have everything identified, as we have 132 items to identify. Yes, 132.That is a minimum of 132,000 gold just to identify everything. Just thought I'd put that out for a little perspective as to where our PC's really are right now, and I'm not speaking geographically.  

Anyway, the second is a small bone from the GM.

He can't wait to see our faces in certain places in the game.

He said at one point our expressions will probably be that of utter surprise and fear.

Fear he says. 

I sincerely hope it is fear for ourselves and not for anyone we care about.

May the goddess protect us all yet again.

May 23rd, 2006

This last weekend, we hounded our DM to give us the list of stuff from the Dracolich hoard, and he finally caved in and gave us most if it. The remaining will be given at the game. Meanwhile, we have a beginning list to start to argue over. :-)

All of our rolls weren't bad, with the exception of the Rings, which we got screwed on (a Ring of Rhyming? WooHoo!). The amulets are very nice. One I'm sure will be the focus of a "who gets it" discussion. Another of which I think I should keep until we meet Orcus. It might come in handy during that battle. I can't believe we found one. There are a few other choice items in the lot as well.

Anyway, just be sure to clean the drool form your keyboards while reading.

All Page references are for the Encyclopedia Magica Volumes I-IV.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oh, by the way. We should have a new a improved crest/coat of arms/logo by the time the game rolls around. Eric has been working on it as I'm sure you all have seen and he says he should have it ready by the game next month.

May 15th, 2006

Alright! The game is about to commence yet again.

Hellgate Keep V - The Redemption is scheduled for June 23, 24 and 25. Look to the countdown for the exact amount of time until we play.

Duane has also scheduled a "refresher game". A sort of round robin gathering where we all have input in to the story as it's being told. Should be kind of cool to finally get again what really happened through out the campaign. this will be happening this weekend on Saturday the 20th. I'm assuming noon-ish is the time frame.   

WOOHOO!!! Just over a month to go!

Hopefully, we won't have to deal with any of these things again...



April 3rd, 2006

Changed the look of the Homepage a little by changing the crest a little bit. Also updated the Soundtracks page to include the last game - Hellgate Keep IV - The Crossing. Getting the story up will probably take much longer, but at least here's the soundtrack. 

March 19th 2006

I wanted to see how many people come to this place, so I added a counter at the bottom.

October 24th, 2005

Fleabus Gundarock is now up on the PC page after much tweaking of the HTML export. Go give a look!  

August 13, 2005

The final chapters of Hellgate Keep III: The Aftermath are now up! "The Lair of House Mou Ti'Najere" and "The Gift and Epilogue" complete the story. Enjoy and let me know what you think!  

August 7th, 2005

The home page now has the crest that Shannon had made for us on it instead of the group  pic. This is because 1. Bryan is no longer amongst us and 2. It's a really cool looking crest! Look for a more professional color version coming soon!

July 28, 2005

Chapter Three of  HellGate Keep IIi: The Aftermath, entitled, "The Hunt and Battle by the Cave"  is now up.

Enjoy the cliffhanger! Haha!