October 26th, 2014


February 6th, 2015

OK. It has been 2+ years since the last update to this page. Some things have changed in the fact we have lost the two previous new players and gained one new and one old player.

We welcome Jonathan back into the fold after a long sabatical that found him in Ukraine of all places, where he met his current wife. Adventures in real life! Looking forward to seeing what he decides to play.

We also welcome our newest player - Matt Carp, who is not only our newest gaming family member, but the newest Stockton family member as Duane's daughter Lauren's new husband. He brings some much needed new blood to the group and some real roleplaying/gaming skills that I feel rival the rest of us. But the best thing is, he fits right in with the insanity this group can create at times. He is playing a Paladin of Tyr if I remember right.

So, we go into the next chapter with two main characters very quickly meeting their ends, presumeably with two others joining to take their place. I can only pray to Eilistraee they'll be able to fill the massive shoes of those two soon to be gone.

Farewell Fleabus and Malaci my friends!

You will be remembered.

You will be avenged!

April 8th, 2012

New, NEW official game date has been inked! July 13th, 14th and 15th.

The count down clock has been adjusted to reflect the new dates.

Just over 90 days to go! 

February 20th, 2012

NEW official game date has been added to the counter. July 6th, 7th and 8th - a little longer now - 136 days to go, but they go fast!

December 26th, 2011

Updated the home page counter with the OFFICIAL game date of 03-23-12.

Didn't realize it was getting so close; 74 days and counting as of this post!

Getting excited! It's been almost 3 YEARS since we last played this campaign. WAY too long in my opinion, but hopefully we'll actually be able to finish this sucker yet!

August 29th, 2011

Updated the Character Page with a couple more sentences of descriptions for every one and added a new page for Yasraena with details and pics of her newly acquired tower.

Also, a game date has been thrown out by our GM and confirmed by at least one player, so an official date posting may soon follow! 

July 10th, 2011

New page up detailing our House Rules. Check 'em out!

June 29th 2011

The next chapter in the continuing story of Hellgate Keep is finished and up! Chapter 4: Never Judge a Book by it's Cover is now posted on the Hellgate Keep IV: The Crossing page.

It got a great review from our DM, so check it out!!

June 8th, 2011

Woohoo! Just over 30 days until the first session of the new group!! Time flies guys, so be ready! Remember - ALL of the spell and item compendiums are on the FTP site!

So a few things to update...

First and most importantly, we may be having an old member who is back from Ukraine re-join the group come game time. This is BIG 'may' as his joining is contingent upon his finding work here, but he has committed to play if he is able to. This is very cool as he has always been a good player, if a bit of a rules hound (luv ya bro!), so we will be seeing him for the PC creation/combat session on July 10th.

Second and somewhat importantly, I have created a News Archive page as the actual news page was getting rather large, and also it's the start of a new group, so a new news page is in order. The old page will be still be available, just on it's own page now.

Third and not so importantly, I have updated the Player Character Page to reflect the status of Wilfbrim to "The Fallen' , who as we all know was sacrificed by the evil Set to give power to his newly summoned form. Also to add Jasper, Malaci's disciple, to the group as well as he was killed in the jewel blast in the Dracolich's lair.


May 22nd, 2011

Nothing big, but a few things to update here.

First off, a solid date for the first session of the new group.

JULY 10th, 10AM at our DM's house.

This is not a gaming session 'per se', but a finalizing of characters for Dennis and Kevin, a 're-acquaintance' of sorts for both of my and Matt's PCs to the DM and the respective players (3 years is a looooong time between games!) and a chance for all of us to get our hands dirty with 1 or 2 'practice' combats! This will be great for all of us, but especially Dennis and Kevin as I believe they have never played under 2nd Ed rules. (Really looking forward to what you guys created BTW)

Secondly, Changed the homepage countdown timer to reflect our new first session date. Just over 48 days to go as I write this!

Last, but not least, I uploaded the original Rolemaster version of Yasraena. Her  character sheet is now on the 'Other Characters' page under 'Rolemaster'.

She was at 21st lvl when the original game ended and was played in a very different game than what I run. Very strict on treasure, no real 'Magic shops', although items were available, and a slew of house rules that really stripped the PCs of a lot of the systems bonuses. One of the toughest, but coolest campaigns I've ever played in. She initially started at 6th level and gained 15 level over the course of almost 18 months of playing 10-12 hours every Sunday. I never thought I'd play her again until I talked Duane into letting me; the rest is history.

One last update - The creation of the next chapter of the party's story is at a standstill until I get some inspiration to write a fairly large battle out. Fight/battle scenes always throw me! Argh! 

March 20th, 2011

    GAME ON!!!   

The Hellgate Keep campaign has officially been re-started!

Since both Shannon and Aaron left the game two years ago, there has been little progress with continuing the game as there has been little progress with finding suitable replacements. Well, apparently two have been found!

The Knights of Silver welcome two new players to our motley crew - Dennis and Kevin.

Welcome guys! I Hope you both know what you're getting yourselves into! Heh heh heh!

October of this year is the tentative month for the game. It can't come soon enough for me! 

In recognition of this most auspicious occasion, and in an homage to the group 'starting over' as it were, I have set the site counter back to 0.