And Now For Something Completely Different

Ok, Here's the background - This took place at the battle of the Rammath-Mor, (go to Game Pics page for visual). Our dwarf had gotten himself a 25 strength stat (Storm Giant equivalent) from one of 3 wishes he got form a Deck of Many Things.  Fleabus was hiding in a cubby on the top of the cliff face where there were guards and lookouts. Another companion of ours, Malachi made a run for cover or something and a guard spotted him.

I think the comic explains the rest pretty well.

Begin in the upper left corner and be sure to follow the arrows!

Thanks Chelsea!

These two come form Chelsea again, but from a few years earlier when I ran a small game for Duane's daughter Lauren and her. Duane actually played that time as well. They were playing low level characters as it was their first real game and they did rather well considering just that. It was fun running although the giggling did get a bit much at the end there. (Just kidding Duane!)

Anyway, the first when the party was in a trapped dungeon of of some recently dead archmage named Kavorquian. There was a basic pit trap which would trigger if anyone over a certain weight stepped on the stone square. The party thought that it would trigger when they said the mages name. When the victim fell in, the trap automatically reset and closed the trap doors. When they closed a gas would seep into the small chamber and knock out the creatures who fell in. There was also a small secret compartment w/ a handle to manually open the doors. Well, during the game, Lauren was playing her elven mage like a diva and if was getting on the rest of the PCs nerve's so they got back at her with the pit trap. She had already fallen in before and they took her out. Well, she wouldn't wake up no matter what they tried. She was basically just dead weight to them, so they decided to put her in the pit trap until she woke up. It seemed like the safest place in their current situation.

It became known as The Pit Of Woe.


this second one was from when they were trying to sneak into an evil mountain keep. They ambushed a small patrol of Orcs and Wargs and Faltath the dwarf gets an idea on how to sneak into the keep by disguising himself as something.

The comic speaks for itself I think.

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