The Story Of Ardaena Dalael

Grade 4 Initiate

Elven Mage


          Ardaena Dalael was born in California Free State some 30 years ago. She grew up, however, in the Portland region of Tir-Tairngire. Her parents, being prominent mages themselves, were some of the chosen few who were actually invited to live within the Tir. They had found a large clientele for magical and astral security, so they opened a business: "Astral Security Inc." and proceeded to make much nuyen. It was during these years of prosperity is when Ardaena, now 6 years old, showed her aptitude for magic. She showed her parents her "friend" that she always played with. It turned out to be a watcher spirit, of negligible power, but a spirit nonetheless. From that day forward, she was trained in the magical arts by her parents, not trusting her education to anyone else.

          Over the next 14 years, Ardaena grew into a beautiful young elf, with fiery red/auburn hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a body that would make any woman green with envy. She also grew into a very competent mage, finding that summoning spirits came very easily to her. When she started to date, she would occasionally use her spirits to "discourage" her overzealous dates. She would also help out the family business with her summoning skills, being able to summon and bind up to 8 spirits at a time. She also showed signs of promise as an artificer, as she was always tinkering around in the family enchanting shop, eventually making most of the items she now carries, including her power focus and regeneration ring.

          It was during her 20th year that she was faced with a decision about what she was going to do with her life. She knew she didn't want to continue on in the family business, she needed more of a challenge than just summoning spirits day in and day out, but she didn't know exactly what, just that she wanted to keep doing magic. Maybe teach, maybe free-lance herself out, maybe even apply to a corporation. She asked her parents to give her until her 21st birthday, just 9 months away, and she would have an answer by then. It was during these 9 months that she met a man by the name of Galen Sylvanus, who was a customer of the business. During the initial meeting there was an undeniable spark of electricity between the two of them, so they went to dinner that evening, and ended up becoming lovers. Well, as it turns out, Galen was a well-respected Decker in the Portland shadows, and eventually, Ardaena found out. She was totally shocked and surprised at first, but then wanted to know more about the whole shadow scene. It wasn't like the trideos portrayed at all, but very exciting nonetheless. Well, as they say, love conquers all, and they were married 3 months later. Over the next year, Ardaena was able to pursue her magical studies as Galen made serious money Decking. She became quite adept at spellcasting during this time. She also thought about what Galen had said about his shadowrunning times, and more and more she thought she might want to try it. She considered herself a more than competent mage, albeit a little low on the experience side, so she eventually asked Galen to formally introduce her to his friends, and the rest is history. Over the next 3 years, Ardaena proceeded to make a name for herself in the Portland shadows. She took the street name of " Mistral" from an old fantasy novel she liked as a child. Her parents never even guessed that she and her husband were part of the Portland underground. They thought that he worked for some large corp. She initially learned most of her current combat skills at this time, and grew to favor a more defensive/supportive role in the team. She also learned how to use her spirits to the advantage in almost any given situation, and that impatience and ignorance of ones foes, often resulted in very bad consequences.

          Life was good until a normal run went sour. It was supposed to be a simple snatch and grab of a data pack, but it turned into a bloodbath with only Mistral and a samurai named Lucas being the sole survivors. If it wasn't for Lucas, she would be beside her husband, dead with a bullet to the head. It wasn't due to poor planning, or overconfidence or impatience. It was just bad luck. the aftermath of this was her parents finding out she was a shadowrunner (e.g. terrorist), disowning her for that fact, and forcing her to leave her beloved Tir for fear of being turned in by her own parents. Heartbroken and utterly devastated by these turn of events, she almost committed suicide, until Lucas convinced her of a chance of a new life in Denver, away from "all this bulldrek that is Portland."  So, she took the nest egg that she and Galen were saving and left with Lucas to Denver. It wasn't very hard to find work once they reached their destination, and so they proceeded to make themselves known as the team to call for magic and muscle.

          It was while they were here in Denver that they met their present friends. Jaguar: a male human wildcat shaman, Crunch: a male troll physical adept, Frosty: a female Elven mage, and Zero: a male Human Japanese rigger. These 6 individuals have had many adventures together some of which include taking out a very evil high-grade toxic shaman (in which Lucas died a very horrible death), putting down a large nest of wasp spirits, saving a dragonsí life and time travel back to the past which saved the world from insect spirits and made them unbelievably rich.

          Her ally spirit, Feanaro, has been with her for almost 6 years now. He is very loyal to her for the sole reason that she respects and trusts, and really does care about him.  She had conjured him at only a force 3 and no spells of his own, so she has given him a lot of power, and has taught him a great deal of knowledge. They have both risked their lives for the other on numerous occasions, and would do so again if need be. She has lately been seriously thinking about freeing him from her service. She knows he is not unhappy with her, but would be happier if he was truly his own master.

She now runs a school for the magically active: Gaia's School for the Magically Gifted, which she herself, Frosty and Jaguar built. This school is a place for the young to come and learn the ways of magic that will compliment the earth.