Introduction and dedication

This page is dedicated to and about this particular group of people in my life... my role-playing group. They, and the games we play, have become an important and necessary part of my life.
Some say it's become an obsession. Well... then so be it. This hobby has turned into something that can take me away from the real world for a few days and fight the good fight and actually make a difference. Something that the majority of us cannot say is true for themselves these days.
Only some who read this page will understand the depth of our love for this game, and to those who don't, well... you don't know what you've been missing.

I must thank my fellow players and my best friend Duane for the inspiration for creating this page.

* * * * *

This page was made mainly to show my appreciation and my dedication to one of the coolest campaigns I have ever played in. My best friend Duane is the GM responsible for this particular campaign, called "Hellgate Keep - The Ongoing Saga", which was started back in July(?) of 2000. It has grown to be an ever widening story arc of meeting new friends and vanquishing evil, of Demon princes and Elven queens, of ancient alliances and the fate of a city, of the wakening of one thought long dead and the fulfilling of one's destiny.

Pretty frigging epic is what it's been.

I've never played in a game where the GM makes full scale dioramas with full painted figures to go along with it and has scripted sequences in the story with music. The first time our characters saw the Abyss was the first time we as players saw the Abyss. Never forget that feeling when we were finally let back in the room and the music's playing and we see the Abyss sitting on our table, with our PC's standing in front of the gate we had just walked through in the game the night before.

Overall coolest game I've ever played in. This page is my little thank you to the GM and fellow players.

I hope we get to keep it going for a while longer! 

* * * * *


Here you will find detailed character sheets for Yasraena, Rensoverthierlos, Daerrian, Malaci, Fleabus and eventually Jon and Matt's characters (provided thery get me copies), with detailed descriptions of certain items; backgrounds for everyone that provided one; the ongoing written journal of our continuing campaign in The North of Farun and beyond as told through Yasraena's eyes (now up to game 6!); pictures of our past game sessions, game soundtracks and more....



If you like (or dislike) this page please me with any comments or constructive criticisms.


This many days until

Hellgate Keep VII:The Covenant!!

May Eilistraee watch over us!