Jayselle Desann

Psionicist/Priestess of Sune

Jayselle Desann was born into this world an unwanted child of an elven father and human mother. It was a tryst that they both regretted in the end and when it was found out she was pregnant, she gave it up for adoption the day it was born. Luckily for the baby, she was adopted by very wealthy and well off parents who owned and operated one of the largest trading/merchant houses in all of Sembia. Being the only child of Jason and Cheryl Desann (who could not have children of their own), she was doted upon from the day she was brought into the world, never wanting for anything. They named her Jayselle in honor of Cheryl’s grandmother.  She had he finest clothes and toys, went to the finest private schools, etc. In spite of this treatment, Jayselle never developed that condescending attitude that most of the other rich people she knew had.  Her parents were to thank for that, because even though they spoiled her rotten, they instilled in her a healthy respect for everyone; that even the lowliest dung gatherer was a person just trying to make a living and deserved to be treated with respect. (Well, she never really believed that about the dung gatherers, but she never treated them like dung either.)

When she was a little girl, her parents used to read her bedtime stories of handsome princes rescuing fair maidens from he clutches of evil dragons and such, and she became completely enamored of them. She would find herself daydreaming about the day her prince would come for her and take her away to be his bride. It was all so romantic to her. (It was from these humble beginnings that her involvement with Sune would later spring.)

Now, Jayselle had always been blessed with natural beauty, but it didn’t really blossom into real beauty until she reached the age of 16 (much to the worry of her parents and the delight of the local boys). She began to dress more femininely, wearing more dresses and skirts, she also began to wear makeup as well. She started to take more and more care about what she wore and how she looked. She grew to be known as quite a flirt, although her flirting was always of the innocent type (at least to her if not the boys and other girls who ate it up and resented it respectively). She learned that, with a little primping and putting on the ‘innocent and beautiful’ act, that she could get most boys to do whatever she wanted. Carry her books from class to class, buy her lunch, help her with homework (or even getting them to do it outright), etc, etc. She didn’t always do it, but it was fun from time to time, and somewhat reassuring to know that at least her looks could get her the things she wanted in life.   

It was during this time that she learned of her latent psionic powers. She had been in her ballet class as usual and tried a particularly hard move when she fell and broke her ankle pretty badly. The main recital for the year was only two days away and she was the lead. She cried herself to sleep that night. To her utter joy and surprise the next morning, her ankle was completely healed. She really didn’t know what to make of it but was relieved to know she could dance in the recital. Her parents were baffled as well, and had her tested for magical ability, arcane and divine. Nothing. Then, one of their business acquaintances heard about the incident and suggested they take her to a friend of his. One who had powers of the mind. When she went, she tested very high, and so found out that she had a few powers, some of which were self healing, suggestion, and turning herself insubstantial, like a ghost. She learned as much as she could from her parent’s friend, whose name was Logan, and developed quite a crush on him in her late teens. He was rather handsome, and always had a story to tell of his adventures and experiences with the Way. Exactly what she would want in a man, but completely unattainable. In other words a perfect fantasy.

With Logan’s teachings, over the next 5 years, Jayselle became quite accomplished with her Psionics. She eventually was able to completely regenerate a friends entire arm that was severed off, control someone’s movements by contacting and controlling their mind, and ‘phase’ in between places.

She got over Logan when she met Julian on her 20th birthday. A gorgeous man in his late twenties, he treated her like the world revolved around her. For a short time only though, because he was a priest of the Lady firehair, Sune and an adventurer as well. Their beliefs were that love was to be given freely to everyone deserving it, and then to move on and find another one that is deserving and pass it on again so that Sune could live in everyone on Faerun. “If we are meant to be together, Sune will show a way to help us find each other again. I have complete faith in that.” And with that he was gone.

From that last statement, Jayselle was fraught with questions about what she wanted to do with her life. She was heartbroken about Julian, but was intrigued at the notion of everlasting love in the world, and in desperation about figuring out her feelings on all this, she went to the Temple of Sune in the city and spoke to Liandra, the high priestess there. Maybe to see what Julian saw in this goddess, or to find out if what he said was true, or who knows why. Despair does strange things to you. What Liandra had to say opened Jayselle’s eyes and heart. Sune was the answer to her problems. Her desires were Jayselle’s desires. Her wants were Jayselle’s wants. It was a perfect match. Fate perhaps. From that moment on, she has been a priestess of Sune. Her parents weren’t too pleased with her decision at first, but came around after a few years and realized this wasn’t just a phase she was going through, but a calling from which she couldn’t escape from.  

She has been at the temple for 5 years now and is one of the temple healers and main adventuring priestess, basically being the eyes and ears of the temple out in the world. The party she is with now is more by necessity than desire, but it has its moments. They do know how to handle themselves in a pinch, and Raxx, the minotaur, can be very handy in a fight. She’ll just have to wait and see just how far this group will go, but if not there’s always Sune!