The Story Of Beren Snowmantle

Elven Mage Thief

Beren Snowmantle was born into a large family of high elves who lived in the Gnarly Forest. He came from a very large family, consisting of several brothers and sisters. His parents were very adamant about keeping their heritage alive and well and imbedded in their children's minds, so he was always listening to some story or another that had to do with his people. At the early age of 15, Beren showed an aptitude for magic and was tutored in the arts by none other than his father. During this period he progressed very fast in skill, but he tended to get bored with the teachings of his father. He wanted to get into the real stuff, but his father thought differently. "Patience and hard work will pay off eventually," he always used to say.

During the next 35 years, Beren studied the arts and became quite proficient in skill. During this time her also showed an uncanny ability as a scout for the village militia. He had decided to expand his horizons and better himself in the arts of the sword and bow. His tenure in the militia had bettered his skills with these weapons, and in sneaking around.

When Beren turned 50, he decided to take his leave of his family and village and go and see the wide world. After about a decade of wandering around the countryside, Beren happened across a female in great distress and proceeded to rescue her and forever hold her gratitude. She said her name was Alicia, and she came from the city of Highfolk, where she worked for the local thievesí guild. She asked Beren if he would like to come with her and see the city. Beren, never having seen a big city before said yes.

When he got there, he took to city life like a fish to water. Alicia introduced him to members of the guild, and after a while on probation proved himself worthy of membership. He and Alicia were married and lived a happy and comfortable life for the next 25 years working for the guild, doing a little freelance work, and now and then, an adventure or two. The year that Beren turned 75 and Alicia turned 50, tragedy struck.

The local guild had changed masters in the last 5 years, and the new master was an asshole who didn't like mixed marriages. He immediately had it in for Beren and his wife. He didn't like that Beren and Alicia were doing freelance work, or going on adventures and (even though they were totally within their rights) not tithing a share of their profits to the guild, and therefore not generating income for the guild. So he hired a few assassins to take care of this little problem. When the hired killers came for them, Beren was caught by surprise and although he barely escaped with his life, Alicia died because of it. His entire life was shattered. He couldn't go back to the guild, but he vowed revenge on the persons responsible. He eventually ended up killing the assassins, but only after sheer luck brought him face to face with them. His sword of dancing was from one of these as well as his bag of holding.

He has lived his life in solitude and bitterness since then making a living by guarding caravans, doing the odd adventure, etc. He continues to wander the continent while planning his vengeance upon the guildmaster.